Eirini Bataki

Eirini Bataki is based in Athens, Greece, where she teaches and diffuses Expressive Movement - Rio abierto (Open river) method offering expressive movement classes and workshops for adults, teachers, adolescents and children. Certified in 2009 in " Body oriented Counseling and Movement Techniques" by the Rio abierto school in Italy as an Expressive Movement trainer, Body oriented Counselor and Massage therapist (2005-2010), she then had subsequent intensive trainings in Argentina, Uruguay and Spain with Maria Adela Palcos, founder of the system and the director of the Rio Abierto School in Spain Graciela Figueroa. For the last 13 years she facilitates groups for adults, teachers and adolescents both in Athens and in Chania/Crete and she participates in international conferences (European Democratic Education Community 2018) and Conscious Dance Festivals (Conscious Dance Festival 2022&2023). In her work she integrates the skills she has collected after 17 years of experience and trainings in various dance and conscious movement systems (Contact Improv, Skinner Releasing Technique among others), in the balancing of our energy centers (chakras) through dance and intensive studies in somatic psychotherapy. She has followed the introductory training in the Bodynamic- Somatic Psychology and Analysis System method and is a graduate of the 5-year Somatic Psychotherapy program at the Hellenic Center for Biosynthesis in Athens.

She holds a BA in German literature, an MA in European Studies, she has significant experience with European funded projects in the field of education and cultural heritage and speaks fluently English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Past workshops and classes:

  • The path of Trust, Sept.2023, Epidaurus, Biosynthesis Therapists Meeting
  • The river of Life: Rio abierto workshop at Conscious Dance Festival, Jun. 2022 ans 2023, Lesvos
  • Dancing with the intelligence of our Articulations, Sept. 2021, Epidaurus, Biosynthesis Meeting of Therapists.
  •  Making our life a piece of Art! Expressive Movement and Art therapy. February-June 2019, Crete.
  • Awaking playfulness: Workshop for teachers at the European Conference for Democratic Education, Eudec, Crete, 2018
  • The flow of giving and receiving: Workshop for teachers at the European Conference for Democratic Education, Eudec, Crete, 2018
  • Moving classrooms: integrate Expressive Movement in you teaching, workshop held at the national conference for Education and Culture, Crete, 2017
  • Integrating dance and movement in the teaching of foreign languages: June 2015, Sept& June 2016 ( 3 workshops for foreign language teachers)

School projects on Crete:

  • Art and Dance for a better communication, 2019 (adolescents)
  • I explore myself through Dance and Music, 2018 (adolescents)
  • Expressive Movement and Improvisation, 2015 (adolescents)
  • Discovering myself through Movement, 2014 (adolescents)
  • Expressive Movement for kids (4-8years old)
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